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We are focused on providing solutions for patients, healthcare professionals and
healthcare institutions.


Sale of medical devices and supplies for health care institutions, healthcare professionals and patients:

Sutures, surgical stapling, hernia mesh and hemostats;

Pharmaceutical products;

Medical devices and supplies for Urology and Endo-urology;

Medical devices and supplies for Endoscopic Gastroenterology;

Interventional cardiology devices and supplies;

Interventional neuroradiology devices and supplies;

Medical equipment and instruments;

Monitoring systems devices and consumables;

Sterilization and disinfection equipment and consumables;

Personal protective equipment (face masks, gowns, coveralls, gloves etc);

Prosthetics and Orthotics components;

Orthopedic systems and implants;

Orthopedic drills, saws, blades, burs and wires;

Physiotherapy devices;


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